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EXPOLRE SCIENTIFIC ES 8x50 Illuminated Finder Scope

Explore Scientific

EXPOLRE SCIENTIFIC ES 8x50 Illuminated Finder Scope

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Explore Scientific 8x50 illuminated finder scopes (available in straight-thru and right angle versions) produce images that are right-side-up and left-to-right corrected views, which makes it easier to find objects in the sky. The Explore 8 X 50 Straight-Thru Erect Image Illuminated Finder Scope, with its scale markings and open center, not only helps you center objects precisely, but gives a reference of the exact field of view in degrees. The deep red illumination can be adjusted to just the right brightness. The eyepiece has comfortable eye relief and produces a 6° field of view. Both the eyepiece and the main objective can be focused independently so that you can obtain perfect focus for your eyes. The straight-thru finderscope weights just under a pound (450gr), and measures 216mm" x 63mm" x 58mm".

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